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Chongo's News

Posted by Chongo - March 12th, 2013

So as I seem to be unable to shut up about, I am in an improv thingy online. We've gotten up to 23 episodes recorded and 12 episodes up on Youtube. You can find our most recent episode here:

I am also announcing that NSP Improv is also available as a podcast on Itunes (which you should totally get) and here in the audio Portal!

We're all having a grand ol' time doing it, and we're hoping that you all enjoy watching it as well. The whole group is a part of Team Prototype, which will be making animations sooner or later, which I will also star in!

So once again, subscribe to us on Youtube or even to the podcast if you'd like it to be sent directly to your Iphone! If you have an android, then just get it on Youtube or something!

Posted by Chongo - March 3rd, 2013

Hello everyone! Just for all of you who reads these (approximately five people), I've been in a recent animation called "Another Pokemon Parody." It's another pokemon parody, but it's a pretty good one, considering it's the animator's first animation

Find it here.

And as I've already said, I have been working on a project called Name Still Pending Improv. We are updating on weekdays and can be found here! Subscribe to us, bro!

And thats it

Posted by Chongo - February 26th, 2013

Hey guys! Some of yo may remember my little blurb from about a week ago about me joining an improv series called "Name Still Pending Improv" I'd like to announce that we are going to be uploading episodes of it every weekday, so that's a good bit a day! They'll be on Newgrounds, so if you want more, you can keep in touch here, but there are video versions of them on Youtube (along with future animated versions of them). They will be released there in videos like the one below

The Youtube channel is the hub of Team Prototype, which features Name Still Pending, and other future animations, so if you subscribe to them, I will be so kind as to send you a special little something, maybe, possibly, probably not since you'll llikely just take it then unsubscribe. but potential bribery aside, please be a dear and subscribe to us. We'll deliver NSP and animations (along wiht updates on games that we're making) right to your internet doorstep!

Ryry67dude out!

Posted by Chongo - February 24th, 2013

Lets do this!

Ask me anything

>implying Im famous

Posted by Chongo - February 18th, 2013

So a couple of friends decided to start a series called "Name Still Pending Improv". Simply put, we got bored of our animators to animate (more power to them though since their job is difficult and important), so we made an audio series where we improvise. And this is it. Although, just as a warning, in the earlier episodes, my mic is kind of off, something we didnt realize until the end of recording episode 7, so my mic won't be working correctly and will have a savagely low amplitude. But aside form that, it's us being lulzy, so enjoy some Name Still Pending Improv!


(Photo courtesy of this excellent son of a cannon)

Name Still Pending Improv!

Posted by Chongo - February 9th, 2013

So I'm sure most of you have enjoyed Cathode Raybots by now! If not, do it now!

Now that you have enjoyed the game to a wide extent, I will address the issue at hand here.

Now, I was a beta tester for this game, which made me ecstatic. I stayed up for hours with this game because I loved it so. After a huge binge of creativity, boredom, and love for Cathode Raybots, I made my own lil squadron o' bots anyone who has played the game should know as the 67 Bots (there aren't 67 of them thank God, only 15). Now when I made them, I went for clever level design...most of the time...until I had forged some really good and super tough boss battles. Now of course in order for them to be added, you had to be able to beat them, so beating them was ENTIRELY POSSIBLE! there was only one issue. During the beta of the game, there was a little strategy I liked to use where I would rapid-fire on both A and S (before the flamethrower was released). This would give me sort of a rapid-fire ability.

In other words:


On any other day, I would inform Tom and tell him to remove the pack, but so far 3 people have proven that the 67 Bots are defeatable (then again, I dont know how many he put in there. I havent gotten past 3).

So I challenge you all to try and defeat the 67 Bots. deathink, HandsomeTyler, and LouisCyphre2501 have so far proven it is possible. If it turns out only a few of you guys can beat these guys, I feel obligated to award the few that could (because 5 NG points aren't gonna cut it)


EDIT: If Sabtastic says they're hard...

Posted by Chongo - January 27th, 2013

Dont have flash
Cant draw for balls
Have never animated in my life
Using Paint.Net and PowerDirector


Seriously. What the heck. I'm just gonna give it a whirl... Your thoughts?

Posted by Chongo - January 25th, 2013

It looks like a promising project that this guy just needs a solid programmer for


If you're a programmer, check out this dude's idea. I want to see it happen! And I'm helping with it too. I just dont want my music making to go to waste! SO HELP HIM OUT!!

Posted by Chongo - January 20th, 2013

I literally just noticed that Rednecks and Banjos was on the front page!

Please give me a couple moments to flip out.

*proceeds to totally flip out*

Thank you so very much Tom for featuring my music on the front page. It's a real honor!

Posted by Chongo - January 9th, 2013

So, I'm sure most of you have heard that Gen VI has been announced. this news was either delivered by screaming fanboys, myself, or both. But if you still don't know, then have this link to the announcement video

Does it look super cool? Is it a huge letdown? Are you not even a Pokemon fan and just watched it out of curiosity? I don't care! I plan to make a video about the overall reaction to it. I have everything covered except for an animator (hint hint). I'll probably have the audio for the animation done by the end of today, so if anyone's interested, shoot me a PM.

Now, what do I think of this? I want to focus mainly on the starters. I've heard mixed response, and my response is equally mixed. First we have Chespin, who looks like a direct relative to a starter we saw in the last game, Oshawott. Overall cute design, but it's gone somewhat stale since it looks like all of Gen V's cute Pokemon thrown in a blender. Next is Fennekin, our fire starter. I like how it's kind of going with a more sleek sly design (as per usual with a fox). It looks like a very promising starter, in my opinion.

that leaves us with the Water starter. Froakie. This son of a gun looks comical, ridiculous, and almost out of place in the world. Every alarm went off in my mind that said "Oh crap, this is crap!" BUT I CANT HELP BUT LOVE IT SO! Froakie for life. Froakie forever. Heil Froakie.