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2013-01-09 18:27:00 by Chongo

So, I'm sure most of you have heard that Gen VI has been announced. this news was either delivered by screaming fanboys, myself, or both. But if you still don't know, then have this link to the announcement video

Does it look super cool? Is it a huge letdown? Are you not even a Pokemon fan and just watched it out of curiosity? I don't care! I plan to make a video about the overall reaction to it. I have everything covered except for an animator (hint hint). I'll probably have the audio for the animation done by the end of today, so if anyone's interested, shoot me a PM.

Now, what do I think of this? I want to focus mainly on the starters. I've heard mixed response, and my response is equally mixed. First we have Chespin, who looks like a direct relative to a starter we saw in the last game, Oshawott. Overall cute design, but it's gone somewhat stale since it looks like all of Gen V's cute Pokemon thrown in a blender. Next is Fennekin, our fire starter. I like how it's kind of going with a more sleek sly design (as per usual with a fox). It looks like a very promising starter, in my opinion.

that leaves us with the Water starter. Froakie. This son of a gun looks comical, ridiculous, and almost out of place in the world. Every alarm went off in my mind that said "Oh crap, this is crap!" BUT I CANT HELP BUT LOVE IT SO! Froakie for life. Froakie forever. Heil Froakie.




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