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Did someone say "ExtrAMAganza"???

2013-02-24 17:35:33 by Chongo

Lets do this!

Ask me anything

>implying Im famous


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2013-02-24 17:37:48

can i bowe tu 2yur majesticy?

Chongo responds:

Go right ahead


2013-02-24 17:38:17

Who are you?

Chongo responds:

I am Ryry67dude. I am a voice actor and a musician whoe voice and music can sometimes be found around the flash and audio portal


2013-02-24 17:44:51

What is your favorite pokemon?

Chongo responds:

I'm gonna have to go with Treecko. The lil guy has always had a place in my heart


2013-02-24 17:50:20

For some reason, I always think that you're an artist, yet you have no art. Are you actually a programmer or do you just do art for games? What's the story of YOU?!

Chongo responds:

I can see why you think I'm an artist (probably because of my profile pic, which was actually made by JerrodStorm)

I'm actually neither. I am a voice actor and a musician. I've made music for the portal for about 3 years (I think, I dunno), but I got back into making it regularly recently. As far as voice acting, I usually help NATA candidates (Emrox, Pahgawk in last years), but recently I've been working with a team called Team Prototype, making animations and the likes.


2013-02-24 17:55:50

Would you shake my hand if I had a mysterious boner?

Chongo responds:

So long as it isnt visible


2013-02-24 18:45:30

Favorite number, color, meal, car, comic, passtime, country?

Chongo responds:

Calvin and Hobbes
Voice acting or making music

In. that. order.


2013-02-24 22:41:16

Cat or Dog? Star Trek or Star Wars? If you had to pic a destination for your holiday right now (at no costs), where would you go?

Chongo responds:

Star Wars
I'd say Florida, but it's February


2013-02-25 00:06:57

What are your two favorite animated cartoons?

(Updated ) Chongo responds:

Gravity Falls
There she is