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Hot diggity! This came out fantastic!! I'm glad my voice could add a thing or two to it!!

I love messing up lines

CyanSandwich responds:

I'm glad you did!

I mean it's a sequel to the Reward which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest animations to ever grace the internet, so it has a lot to live up to. And does it live up to it. Keeping up the theme of characterizing each character without a word of dialogue, expanding on the universe that was glimpsed at in the original animation, and adding a LOT of length and content. The animation is just as beautiful and well-constructed, too. It was very different, and I'm struggling to call it better (seeing how the Reward will always hold a place in my heart), but needless to say, this is a series I'm keeping an eye on, and more than willing to supply some money to for the Kickstarter

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Alright, I'm gonna get the bad out of the way first. GAMEPLAY GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Yeah, it's really just clicking the hit button over and over again. It becomes more of a sadist tool than an actual game. Really, this is the only big flaw I've noticed, but it reeks over the entire game unfortunately.

But dont worry, there are still good points
-Very good job on visuals
-ForNoReason (and presumably EthanAlways) pulls through on the VA.
-The music is well done!
-The combination system is very creative.

So bottom line, you have a lot of greatness that falls short as a game, but if you want to use it to vent on Lil Wayne (which I dont blame you), then feel free.

Well I cant give a fair review at all since I was one of the lead guys who made it, so I'll just say great job to the rest of the group. MAD props to swishcheese, since he's been busting ass on this!

Hope you all enjoy it, and rate 5 k thanx bai

So I'm going to start this by saying that I may be a little bit jaded since I'm on an opposing team, but here is my as objective as possible review. This game is very good looking, with every aspect of it looking nice and nothing grating or dissonant in the slightest, so good job on that front. The music was well made in that it sounded good to the ear, but it was just so so SO repetitive.

Now for gameplay...hmm... I felt that you were working for a No Time To Explain feeling to it, which only sort of worked, since it was four directions. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, and that mechanic holds up well. The primary issue here is the knockback. Seems like a small problem, but it's really big, when hitting something makes you fly back ten feet. This just makes the game beyond difficult to control. That was the problem with No Time To Explain and you actually fixed it in this as far as cannon physics go. You just happened to also destroy it by having the character fly backward a half mile if they touch a spike.

Bottom line: Iffy concept on a game with one major flaw that ruins a good looking game.

PS- I couldnt beat the boss, and it was a well done boss, it's just I havent found out how to get around that freaking eyeball attack....

Igmon responds:

Thanks for the feedback, really helpful. Playtest was practically limited...but yeah I agree, I'm going to tweak the knockback.

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The second I heard the iconic bassline, I lost it completely.

Fantastic work here!

You've got a good future ahead of you bro. You really showed off a variety of voices here, which made it a little disconnected, but I still got a really great laugh. you've got a fun little idea and a good enough talent. stay classy and I hope for the best for ya

I don't know why, but at around the 2:38 mark, I could swear I heard applause. Maybe it was from my own head. Really, this song is splendid. You've already received comments like this, but here we go again! :)

StarFox 64 was my favorite game for the Nintendo 64, and listening to this rendition just seems to capture the theme of the end of the game just so perfectly. It does a great job of reflecting the simple, but powerful six words you chose for the title. It ranges from mystical to reflective, to triumphant. It's just so great. This one's in my favorites and in my heart.

Thanks for the masterpiece.

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10/10 would bang

I just woke up from a weeklong coma, and having this be my first sight is a true privilege. Bravo/

I can dig this. You both look badass in this drawing.

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