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2015 Submissions

Hat of Serenity (Short Demo) Miscellaneous Song
Spagoots Video Game Song
I Found The Bacon Video Game Song
WASS Video Game Loop
Dragon Chariots Video Game Loop
Wid Pokemon Defeated!! Video Game Loop
Priapos Video Game Loop
Dimensional Rift Video Game Loop
Lost Cave Video Game Song
Something Right (Loop) Video Game Loop
NSP: Biffles Forever Comedy Voice
NSP: Studio B Comedy Voice
Lithium Hip Hop - Olskool Song
First Visit To The Future Drama Voice
NSP: Slow Jams Comedy Voice
NSP: Malpractice Comedy Voice
National Cage Video Game Loop
Wicker Cage Video Game Loop
Metal Cage Video Game Loop
NSP: Water Level Rising Comedy Voice
NSP: A Bright Offer Comedy Voice
NSP: My Court Comedy Voice
Ode to Funyuns Miscellaneous Song
NSP: Back to the Hitler Comedy Voice
NSP: Evil Clones Comedy Voice
NSP: Go Pokemon! Comedy Voice
NSP: Elephant Slayer Comedy Voice
NSP: Legal Drugs Comedy Voice
Canadian Spiderman Video Game Loop
Orbs With Swords Video Game Loop
Cheese Slapping Day Comedy Voice
Mega Man In Smash Bros Comedy Voice
WhoDat Pokemon-Bellsprout Comedy Voice
Farewell To Color Experimental Song
The Best Rick Roll Evar Experimental Song
A Mic to Remember Comedy Voice
Human Invaders Video Game Loop
NSP: Unfortunate Fortune Comedy Voice
NSP: Subway Barter Comedy Voice
NSP: I Am Your Father Comedy Voice
NSP: Catch The Melon! Comedy Voice
Fill My Black Hole-Cover Miscellaneous Song
Most Inspiring Cover Ever Miscellaneous Song
NSP: Vampire Hunters Comedy Voice
NSP: Gunnin Down Zombies Comedy Voice
Something Right (Instr.) Techno Song
May I Present to You Techno Song
Planet Jumper Video Game Loop
NSP: Meflefle Comedy Voice
NSP: Satan's Apple Comedy Voice
NSP: Alien Boobs Comedy Voice
NSP: Yugi.... oh Comedy Voice
NSP: Monopoly Feud Comedy Voice
NSP: Kid Friendly Show Comedy Voice
NSP: Getting Robbed Comedy Voice
NSP: Murder Science Comedy Voice
NSP: Game show Comedy Voice
NSP: Animal Shelter Comedy Voice
NSP: Genie on an Island Comedy Voice
NSP: Hobo Concert Comedy Voice
NSP: Your MOM'S Dungeon Comedy Voice
NSP: Dragon Attack Comedy Voice
NSP: Naming Committee Comedy Voice
Asleep At The Wheel Jazz Loop
Gotta Start Out Small Video Game Loop
Rednecks and Ghostmen Goth Loop
Rednecks And Banjos Bluegrass Loop
Gravity Falls Remix Dance Song
Haunted Hau5 (WIP) Techno Song
Space Powder (WIP) Ambient Song
Bad Job Bar (VAC 9) Comedy Voice
Rejection Dance Song
Pokemanz Gym Video Game Song
0.785g of Awesome (WIP) General Rock Song
Ring Around The Sun Dance Song
Ring Around the Sun (WIP) Dance Song
Town By The Waterfall Video Game Song
Rejection (WIP) Techno Song
Piano Dubstep Classical Song
The One With The Bassline Funk Song

2011 Submissions

NoName.mp3 Dance Song
Dreams of Escape Miscellaneous Song
Death of Pong [WIP] Techno Song

2010 Submissions

Shining Memories [Demo] Classic Rock Song
Space Dust Ambient Song
Not the End Ambient Song