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Chongo's News

Posted by Chongo - May 3rd, 2013

Well, the results of open round of NATA are available below, and the brackets have been set up. Congrats to everyone who made it in, and for those who didnt, better luck next time! It was a great open round!


Now, I remember a month or so ago, a couple kids were freaking out over this thing called "March Madness" where they all predicted their brackets. Predicting who would win each round and how the tourney would play out. So why not do it here.

Either on the comments (or just PM me), we're gonna have a bracket. Just send who you think will win each round all the way up to the champion. With only 32 contestants in 4 people groups, I cant promise greatness, but...

If you correctly predict how the brackets will play out perfectly, you will get a free NATA T-shirt and Poster from Adam.

So, send in your predictions, and I'll keep this going. Tata!

Posted by Chongo - April 30th, 2013

So, first of all, I got myself a brand new microphone as revealed in this recovered sound clip

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/533508?up dated=1

Second of all, I will have my first animation featured in the "Sarcastic Bouncing Ball Collab" coming soon.


Posted by Chongo - April 26th, 2013

Well, it's that time of year once again, and NATA has started up once again! Out of the 41 entries for open round, my bone-chilling, arousing voice can be heard in 5! They are as follows:

Regretably unfinished, first we have the Guardian's day, where I play the dad!

Next we have yakmas day by visedgrub, and while I admit the script leaves a bit to be desired, the animation is still nice and Kpheeyat and I do a good job voice acting.

Next is Steve Appreciation Day, written and coiced by myself and animated by HDRevill

NEXT is S&G: A New Holiday, which may or may not be part of a series. Animated by CzySzy

Finally, I lent a number of sneezes for Brewster's "Say Sneeze". My persona can also be seen inadvertently killing animators with dental equipment, which isnt TOO different from real life
http://www.newgrounds.com/projects/movies/671827 /preview

I wish the best of luck to all who make it into NATA, and for those 10 or so, who don't, don't sweat it! I wouldn't have made it in had I entered anything! I hope to do even more voice acting for NATA in the near future.

EDIT: I also just noticed every character I play has brown hair...huh...

Posted by Chongo - April 22nd, 2013

I have decided to shed my recent username of "Ryry67dude", and become "Chongo"!!

I think it's a cool new name, Chongo's easier to remember, and has a bit more of a ring to it. All previous links to my old page will be redirected here, and this is just an announcement to let you all know that Ryry67dude has transformed into Chongo.

As my first news post as Chongo, I should mention that NATA Open Round entries are starting to trickle in, and soon animations with me in it will start appearing.

Also, getting a new mic soon, holla!

Posted by Chongo - April 17th, 2013

So, I'm planning to make a ton of acoustic guitar covers in the near future, all of which being of songs from Newgrounds.

If you have any ideas of which songs for me to play, I am taking requests! Whichever I feel is the best will be entered in the Tenth Anniversary Contest!

So request away! (Song should contain lyrics)

Posted by Chongo - April 15th, 2013

Well, technically it's a one second loop. It's pointless. It's stupid, but it's my first bit of animation. I won't ask for criticism cuz I know it's crap, but who knows, this could be a step toward me actually animating something!

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/f6acbab8e8c3 a8095409588562732cc9

Posted by Chongo - April 14th, 2013

Well TECHNICALLY 101 because CatFat. I guess I'll have a quick speech.

I started on here a long time ago. Then I was all like "CRAP MY MUSIC IS SUCK" so I took an extended break. I also started an abridged series which you only have to care about minorly. Then I decided I wanted to make something that wasnt bound within the world of Pokemon and make some animations. So here I am as a freelance voice actor now. I've been in 9 films and I've gone back to music almost making an album. Hot damn! Thank you ALL for your support. Heres to the next hundred fans!

Also, 10 days till open round nata films are due. I'm set to be in five at this point, but we'll see if they make deadlines.


PS. If anyone needs a stickfigure animator, I know of a good one (no pay) who can help you out

Posted by Chongo - April 4th, 2013

So, NATA first! After joining the NATA Skype group and getting a couple PMs, I have landed a voice role in at least 4 (holy bananas!) films for the NATA open round! I wish the best for all competitors but the better for the ones with my voice.

Also, I've been posting some musica! One is some BGM for my friends doing Construct Jam! It's entitled "Planet Jumper" or something. I also posted my favorite song ever! It's called "May I Present To You"! You should seriously seriously SERIOUSLY give it a listen! That's it. Bai.


Posted by Chongo - April 1st, 2013

Lol April Fools

In other news, NATA HAS BEGUN! The best time of the year. Just continuing to whore myself out with it. If any of you are in and need a voice actor, I'm more than happy to help

Posted by Chongo - March 25th, 2013

Well guys, we have less than a week until NATA kicks off! NATA is probably my favorite time of the year! Whether it's the neat face-to-face competition or the awesome animations that come out of it! Last year, I remember wishing that I could be a part of it. This year I realize, holy crap! I totally can!

You see, I can't animate. Nor could I draw if my life depended on it. I can, however, write a good script, voice act (as made evident by other animations I have been in), and even make BGM. Sure, I cant make an animation without an animator. That's where you all come in.

I'm looking for animators to partner up with. I will do everything but the animation. I know that animation is a very hard job, so I will be forfeiting any winnings of NATA, bragging rights, and other such glory to whoever decides to take up this offer!

If you're interested please let me know! If you have questions or wish to take up this offer, please PM me. I'll be greatly glad! Have a nice day!


P.S. I will also be open to animators to help voice act their NATA animations.