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NATA Open Round!

2013-04-26 07:38:28 by Chongo

Well, it's that time of year once again, and NATA has started up once again! Out of the 41 entries for open round, my bone-chilling, arousing voice can be heard in 5! They are as follows:

Regretably unfinished, first we have the Guardian's day, where I play the dad!

Next we have yakmas day by visedgrub, and while I admit the script leaves a bit to be desired, the animation is still nice and Kpheeyat and I do a good job voice acting.

Next is Steve Appreciation Day, written and coiced by myself and animated by HDRevill

NEXT is S&G: A New Holiday, which may or may not be part of a series. Animated by CzySzy

Finally, I lent a number of sneezes for Brewster's "Say Sneeze". My persona can also be seen inadvertently killing animators with dental equipment, which isnt TOO different from real life /preview

I wish the best of luck to all who make it into NATA, and for those 10 or so, who don't, don't sweat it! I wouldn't have made it in had I entered anything! I hope to do even more voice acting for NATA in the near future.

EDIT: I also just noticed every character I play has brown hair...huh...


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2013-04-26 07:58:44

holy shit

Chongo responds:

I dunno if thats in response to the number of films or the brown hair thing, but I do so understand the holy shit quotient for each


2013-04-26 08:57:38

The number of animations you were in haha thats what i meant by "holy shit" well done man !