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Ladies and Gentlemen....Chongo!

2013-04-22 11:26:45 by Chongo

I have decided to shed my recent username of "Ryry67dude", and become "Chongo"!!

I think it's a cool new name, Chongo's easier to remember, and has a bit more of a ring to it. All previous links to my old page will be redirected here, and this is just an announcement to let you all know that Ryry67dude has transformed into Chongo.

As my first news post as Chongo, I should mention that NATA Open Round entries are starting to trickle in, and soon animations with me in it will start appearing.

Also, getting a new mic soon, holla!


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2013-04-25 16:17:38

Sounds like a greeting. Chongo! It does have a ring to it...