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2013-05-03 22:18:50 by Chongo

Well, the results of open round of NATA are available below, and the brackets have been set up. Congrats to everyone who made it in, and for those who didnt, better luck next time! It was a great open round!

Now, I remember a month or so ago, a couple kids were freaking out over this thing called "March Madness" where they all predicted their brackets. Predicting who would win each round and how the tourney would play out. So why not do it here.

Either on the comments (or just PM me), we're gonna have a bracket. Just send who you think will win each round all the way up to the champion. With only 32 contestants in 4 people groups, I cant promise greatness, but...

If you correctly predict how the brackets will play out perfectly, you will get a free NATA T-shirt and Poster from Adam.

So, send in your predictions, and I'll keep this going. Tata!


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2013-05-03 22:20:18

What kind of prize?


(Updated ) Chongo responds:

Got word from Adam. A T-shirt and a Poster


2013-05-03 22:22:03

clubpenguin300 and Emrox in the final round.

You can practically give me the prize now.

Chongo responds:

Well, crap. I guess I have to be in all of your films now.


2013-05-04 01:08:37

I'm going to safely assume this is due before the novice round ends.

Chongo responds:



2013-05-07 10:20:40

Final Two:
Hikarian, Pahgawk

Pahgawk- predicted winner

Do I need to map out the top 8 as well.

Chongo responds:



2013-05-07 10:36:30

Elite Eight:

Suprofound, NewsioTV, Pahgawk, Pahgawk, Hikarian, JABToons, sandwich-eater, SafePlagiarism

Troubled Two:

Hikarian, Pahgawk

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner:



2013-05-07 10:38:00

Replace HDRevill with the doubled up Pahgawk in the elite eight. Sorry for the multi post....


2013-05-11 01:53:49

Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.


2013-06-13 18:00:43

Here's my NATA bracket; sorry that I forgot to send it in before now, I'll update you in a month or so with my predictions for the final round's entrants. cb39bed24e27c9fde64697


2013-07-18 12:53:03

um... looks like I am doing pretty well =p