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Music!! (And NATA)

2013-04-04 23:16:32 by Chongo

So, NATA first! After joining the NATA Skype group and getting a couple PMs, I have landed a voice role in at least 4 (holy bananas!) films for the NATA open round! I wish the best for all competitors but the better for the ones with my voice.

Also, I've been posting some musica! One is some BGM for my friends doing Construct Jam! It's entitled "Planet Jumper" or something. I also posted my favorite song ever! It's called "May I Present To You"! You should seriously seriously SERIOUSLY give it a listen! That's it. Bai.



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2013-04-05 00:09:58

k,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,omg POMG