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NATA and Spagoots

2015-07-13 12:14:42 by Chongo

Whats up Newgrounds? Quick update as to what I've been doing lately!

First of all, some voicework I did for NATA! I always love the NATA season because I get to work with super talented NG animators to make some quality stuff! I had a heyday helping out wiht Open Round (and although I'm late to announce these, they still deserve recognition!)

First we have An Absolute Fact by Perrobang! This is a VERY thought-provoking animation about mayn facts of life and about the potential end of the world. It's a riveting script with some star animation along with great voice acting from my friendo codeblackhayate and Rixian

Next we have Lay down the facts by Cyan Sandwich! This one was SUPER fun to record, and is quite funny!

Finally we have Jakes Presentation by MCakeri! A very fun piece where I play a teacher, which funny enough matches my summer job as a camp counselor!

Now for Spagoots!

Some of you may have peeked at a song I released last night called "Spagoots"! In short, it's basically a theme song for a new webseries I'm doing by the same name! Basically it's me and four friends just talking about stuff we love as we create! It's super fun, it's new and you should totally check it out!


Specifically, if you happen to be a fan of Steven Universe, check this out!


Well it's been a few months, hasn't it? I've had to take hiatus to make sure that classes were going well for me, but classes are over now. It's summer. Time to kick back, relax, and chill. And you know what other time of the year it is?

That's right! NATA Season!!!!

The Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation has officially begun, and I'm just as excited as the rest of us are! This is probably my favorite thing ever, and once again, I am open for helping anyone who needs it! Whether it be with voice acting, scriptwriting, musicmaking, I would be more than happy to help any animators with whatever they may need!

Also I may have a bit of a surprise for you all. But only time will tell if you all ever find out or care about it!

Till next time, take care Newgrounds!



2015-02-11 01:24:40 by Chongo


Hey guys!! Remember about a year ago when a video came out called "Life Hax:Autosave"?



Well that was part one of the series between TalltotheSmall and I! Check out the new one (below) and follow TalltotheSmall



2014-11-15 09:51:10 by Chongo

So for those of you who don't know, along with voice acting, I also make music in my free time! You can find a random example here!
(Sorry for no formatting. I'm on mobile...)

Anyway I'm hoping to publish my first album soon, and I would love any support possible for this hobby of mine, so I started up a Patreon!

For those who don't know, Patreon is a website similar to Kickstarter, only you pay a monthly gift and it keeps on going over time! If you want to support me, I sure won't stop you, and support or not, I'll still make music!

Thank you all very much!


2014-06-19 12:01:33 by Chongo

Hey everyone! NATA's all done and complete! So now I'll be showing off some of the awesome animatinos that I had the honor to be a part of!

Like last time, I'm going to show someone else off first, because I really liked his animation! So first, CHECK OUT MihaP's entry!  I worked with him last round, and this round, he has only gotten better! I'm just confused as to why he's only got 58 Fans! Go check out his stuff, because it's great!

Now onto what I voiced in! First off, I got to be with the fantabulous Sandwich-eater once again, where I drink alcohol and stab people, aka me in about three years.


Next, I got to work with Cenaf who took the theme and made something great! There's action! There's drama! And there's a goddess! What more could you want?



Finally, I got to work with Whirlguy! Remember his Open Round Entry? Well his Novice round entry is actually a prequel to it! Watch them both for awesome added effect! (Featuring sketcheffect)


Also, if you notice, all of these also feature the stellar voice acting of my good friend codeblackhayate! Give her a follow too, since she just rocks the socks out of everything she voices in!


Also also, might as well make the subtle announcement that I'm making a game for Power of Four! Details will be revealed as they come...


2014-05-30 16:10:00 by Chongo

Hey everyone! I'm a little late making this post, but in case you missed some of the Open Round entries for NATA, here's some of the ones I voiced in!

but before I show off my stuff, a couple of my Newgrounds friends, dylan and codeblackhayate joined forces and made one that just rocks

Now onto the stuff I was in. First we have Quest for the Cookie! It turned out really awesome and I think that MihaP did a great job bringing this through to fruition.


Alright! Next we have one that didn't get entirely finished, but it was still really quality. So here's the operation

Next we have one made by scottwjsm! It's a ton of fun to watch, so don't hesitate to check it out!

This one turned out to be a lot better than I expected at first! Made by the younger but talented MartinLarsson, I jeopardize the human race. Yay~

Finally, we got Slam Dunk! Made by the epic sandwich-eater, the most important question is asked! What is it with sandwich-eater making hilarious animations in a white void?

NATA Open Round was awesome! Hopefully these talented animators (and maybe more) will want me in their future stuff. Until then, this has been a spectacular open round, and I'm honored to have been useful to these guys!


2014-05-03 16:02:21 by Chongo

So that magical time of the year is upon us! It's time for NATA!!


Anyway I like the theme and my mind has been juggling ideas around. Although I may actually compete this year and try my hand at animating (let's see how that ends up going)


Also, as usual, I'll be offering my voice acting and writing to any other NATA contestants who would like a hand! So PM if you want help.


EVERYBODY ENJOY NATA, because I know I will...


Good to be back

2014-03-28 11:56:14 by Chongo

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been on Newgrounds. Figured I'd come back to here, and maybe participate in some collaborations or make some music.

One reason Ive been out is because I've been making some music. Originally for games in the making, these projects got pretty much abandoned as far as I can tell, so I'm putting the music on here.

Another thing I've been doing is getting all sorts of stuff going on Youtube, such as a show I call "What the Fanfic", which can be seen here.

Basic gist of reading bad fanfiction and commenting on it. I'm considering putting the audio on NG, but it probably wouldn't make enough sense.


All in all, I'm back on Newgrounds, and I'm lookin around to see if there's any sorts of Voice Acting or Music stuff I can do for this site. Can't wait!

Hey everyone! It's been too long! So here are some updates! First of all, I've still been hard at work on What the Fanfic: The show where I laugh at fanfiction. You can see an example below. Part 2 and 3 (JUST uploaded) are available on my channel! Hope you enjoy it and/or throw me a sub!

Now for something even cooler! WHO HERE LIVES IN ALABAMA? If any of you happen to live anywhere near Alabama or just so happen to be visiting there from February 14-16, then you should come to which is the local anime convention!

There's gonna be a ton of cool guests, such as cast from various animes like Sailor Moon and Cowboy Bebop, SEGA (showing off a new project), gaming tourneys, and a WHOLE AREA DEDICATED TO POKEMON!!!

"Chongo, why are you bringing this up?"

Well, my friends, because I'm going to be working as staff at said Pokemon area as a Gym Leader! So if you happen to be in the area, it would mean the world to me if you came to visit, said hello to me, and beat my Pokemon!

Hopefully I'll see one or two of you there! If not, then at least you all can be knowledgeable of my success!

Hope you all enjoyed the update! Until next time, stay classy, -Chongo

Whoa! It's been a while since I've been on the newer grounds! I've sent my voice in for a number of animations, so expect to see some of them in the near future, so my experience on Newgrounds will continue as planned. In the meantime, I've been working on a Youtube series called "What the Fanfic?", where I read and react to terrible fanfiction, sometimes with friends! I'll be doing all sorts of fun stuff on there in the near future, so throw me a sub and I'd greatly appreciate it. Here's a video for you:  

Secondly, my good ol' friend Stunkel made some music for a game that is hoping to be greenlit on Steam! And it looks pretty awesome, so you all should go an greenlight it here (I hope that I know how to use this fancy new editor)! So yeah! GO CHECK IT OUT AND HAVE A BALL WITH IT Also, I put in a super special awesome entry for the Voice Acting Contest 11 which you can find here!!!! 

Not to mention I'm working on a super secrety secret project......................(insert 23523423 ellipses)

(orange portal)appreciate the time you took to read through all of thi- wait WHAT???