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NATA and Spagoots

2015-07-13 12:14:42 by Chongo

Whats up Newgrounds? Quick update as to what I've been doing lately!

First of all, some voicework I did for NATA! I always love the NATA season because I get to work with super talented NG animators to make some quality stuff! I had a heyday helping out wiht Open Round (and although I'm late to announce these, they still deserve recognition!)

First we have An Absolute Fact by Perrobang! This is a VERY thought-provoking animation about mayn facts of life and about the potential end of the world. It's a riveting script with some star animation along with great voice acting from my friendo codeblackhayate and Rixian

Next we have Lay down the facts by Cyan Sandwich! This one was SUPER fun to record, and is quite funny!

Finally we have Jakes Presentation by MCakeri! A very fun piece where I play a teacher, which funny enough matches my summer job as a camp counselor!

Now for Spagoots!

Some of you may have peeked at a song I released last night called "Spagoots"! In short, it's basically a theme song for a new webseries I'm doing by the same name! Basically it's me and four friends just talking about stuff we love as we create! It's super fun, it's new and you should totally check it out!


Specifically, if you happen to be a fan of Steven Universe, check this out!



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