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Posted by Chongo - May 30th, 2014

Hey everyone! I'm a little late making this post, but in case you missed some of the Open Round entries for NATA, here's some of the ones I voiced in!

but before I show off my stuff, a couple of my Newgrounds friends, dylan and codeblackhayate joined forces and made one that just rocks

Now onto the stuff I was in. First we have Quest for the Cookie! It turned out really awesome and I think that MihaP did a great job bringing this through to fruition.


Alright! Next we have one that didn't get entirely finished, but it was still really quality. So here's the operation

Next we have one made by scottwjsm! It's a ton of fun to watch, so don't hesitate to check it out!

This one turned out to be a lot better than I expected at first! Made by the younger but talented MartinLarsson, I jeopardize the human race. Yay~

Finally, we got Slam Dunk! Made by the epic sandwich-eater, the most important question is asked! What is it with sandwich-eater making hilarious animations in a white void?

NATA Open Round was awesome! Hopefully these talented animators (and maybe more) will want me in their future stuff. Until then, this has been a spectacular open round, and I'm honored to have been useful to these guys!

Comments (7)

two hundredth fan rite here

Aww thanks Pjorg

Hey cool I didn't know you could post fancy movie links like that.
Thanks for the shout-out! White voids are all the rage.

Only if you make them work.

Which you did! Good job making it to the next round

Hello just want to say good job for giving these projects a lot of life from your voice work.

Good luck on your future works.

Thank you very much, lad!

Chongo, you are so helpful! Gotta have you voice for me some time!

I'd be more than happy to, man!

Loved your voice in "Slam Dunk" keep doing what you do with that devilish voice of yours!

Only if you keep animating like a boss, bro. Late Night Milk was fantastic!

ahhhhh dayum shoutout from Chongo! I cannot wait til the day comes when I have another part for you/I get around to making the last thing you voiced for me like six months ago

Lol I dont even remember the last thing.

Oh wait! Never mind I totally do! I can't wait to see that complete either!!!

I am your new fan! Great comedy.. ever wanna collab be in touch :-)