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A Final Farewell

Posted by Chongo - April 30th, 2017

Well this was two years too late.

Yeah, I haven't posted anything here in two years, so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if none of y'all even remember me, but I thought that today, on Pico Day, I'd spend some time reminiscing. Because even though I haven't been here in a while and even though I've moved elsewhere, I wouldn't have traded my time here for anything else.

I first came here in 2010, and I was just posting a few little songs I made with my first DAW. Outside of posting my occasional music piece I didn't do much until 2012. When 2012 came, I started to become a part of this community. I would always scour the collaboration board to see if anyone needed a piece of music or a bit of voice acting. I wasn't always great at it, but I got out there. I got to collaborate, and I got to be a part of something with others, which was something almost entirely new for me.

2012 is when I learned about NATA, the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation. I managed to make my way into the NATA Skype Chat, where I made a ton of new friends and met a bunch of fantastically talented artists, animators, other voice actors, musicians. All of these people were fantastic, and the time with everyone I collaborated with were some amazing years. I'd spend every day checking out the new movies everyone put out, I'd occasionally put up some of the music I was making. It was also when I changed my online alias from my old name to Chongo, which I think meant a lot to me.

Ever since I left Newgrounds, I've made other friends and I even started a band with one (it's called Go! Child if you're interested), but I couldn't have gotten the skills to improve my music without y'all's feedback. I'm not on Newgrounds anymore, but you guys helped me to become the person I am today (as sappy as that is). And if you're still interested in following what I do, I have a tumblr you can follow.

In short, the community of Newgrounds has been nothing but fantastic to me, and while I've moved on to different projects outside of Newgrounds, the time I spent here has been and will continue to be looked back on with nothing but fondness.

Thank you. All of you.



Comments (5)

Best of luck Chongo! Voicing NATA with you was always a blast!

Working with you was great! I'll never forget making front page with you not once but twice! thanks for everything man!

Hope you have a better future on your journey!

I can understand not wanting to dilute your time here, when projects and opportunities lie elsewhere. Still, don't be a stranger, check your ad-rev and stuff every few months. Best wishes, it's been a pleasure following you here!

eyyy! best of luck to you bud, we all gotta move our own ways eventually. was always nice to work with you.