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2013-09-16 11:19:29 by Chongo

Oh, you do? Well I have a treat for you. I've started up an improv series on my Youtube channel with animator Mabelma where we just do improv stuff. I plan on posting these things as often as possible. We're having a ton of fun with it, and we hope that you enjoy it too!

Or if you just want to get a playlist of all the episodes we have so far, then click here!

Again, we're just getting started with this, and we hope to update this as often as we can (in fact, I'm about to upload the sixth episode now), so throw us a sub or something of the likes! It would be very much appreciated! The channel also has Let's Plays if you care about that sort of thing.

Or, if you aren't as much of a fan of the two person team pumping out all the time, there's also Name Still Pending Improv, which I'm also in. It works in a similar fashion, except it has a lot more effort put into it, but updates less frequently. You can find them on Newgrounds or using the video below.

Throw them a sub as well, we've been trying to put up our A-game, and we're hoping that these improv series go somewhere. Each on has a ton more to come, and we hope to get some exposure for improv, so sub us for more wacky improv shenaynay.

Also, I did a voice for a parody of Breaking Bad a.k.a that show I haven't watched, but want to. You can see the animate-y goodness here

Thanks for reading and enjoy the crap out of your Monday, you sexy beast.


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2013-09-16 13:27:58

need VA's?

Chongo responds:

No thanks man, I'm just fine!


2013-09-16 23:38:17

I hate improv.

Chongo responds:

too bad


2013-09-17 16:46:37

Are whole band is nothing but improv, along with all the comedy skits we come up with. We would never do it any other way. Keep improving it up and your youtube videos kick ass. If you're interested in checking us out here's a link to our band page. Enjoy! and good day to you.