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Top Ten of June 2013

2013-07-02 16:32:00 by Chongo

Hey everyone! Surprisingly enough I was chosen to vote for the top ten of June. *swoons*

Here are my pics! Shockingly enough I only chose one of the ones with me in it.

Also, as some of you know, I have a Youtube channel with Let's Plays and other junk, so go and sub to that here!

EDIT: Crap! It was a png and Newgrounds wanted a J-peg

Top Ten of June 2013


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2013-07-03 00:40:36

waitwhatwherearethepicks. Ithinkyouforgottolinkthem


Chongo responds:

Dont worry I got em!

#WhileHomophonesWasEpicIDidntIncl udeBecauseIDidntWantToBeAWhoreLik eThatSoSorryButHomophonesWillAlwa ysHoldASpecialPlaceInMyHeart


2013-07-03 03:37:22

Yes we must know.

We must...

We must KNOW, that is.

Chongo responds:

FFFFFFFFUCK! It was a png!


2013-07-03 08:28:27

Don't worry about it

#homophoneswasntevenonmylistcausetherewaswayto omuchgoodstuffthismonth

Chongo responds:



2013-07-03 16:54:13

Thanks for the vote my mans!