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I'm for sale?

2012-11-25 17:37:58 by Chongo

So apparently, you can buy me now...huh....Anyway, this is from this guys latest animation where I am voicing.

Also, I'm gonna be in No Punintendo 2 playing Star Fox (which is awesome because I kicked ass when I played Star Fox 64), so when that comes out (I'm thinking pretty soon), keep an ear open for me.

I'm for sale?


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2012-11-25 18:10:10

heh. heh.

...what -_-||


2012-11-26 01:02:40

Awesome! That toon was nice and I'm pumped to hear ya in No Punintendo 2!

Chongo responds:

I can hardly wait myself! It's gonna be awesome.

Oh wait, it's already on YouTube? wtbOzVlVg