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2012-10-14 04:12:21 by Chongo

Crap guys. My laptop is busted. Unusable.

This REALLY sucks since I was going to help Team Fluffy Rainbow Cloud out with Game Jam! But now I cant. Team FRC, if you're reading this, then words cannot describe how sorry I am. Looks like your awesome game will have to go without music. Which sucks for me since I really wanted to be a part of it!

Well, apparently my timing was perfect. It was an ol laptop and I planned on replacing it anyway. I should be getting a new one soon. Hopefully I can move all my data over there. Till then, I'll just be posting from mobile. Upside is I found a way to record voice. The sound quality may not be as good (have not compared), but I can still do it.


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2012-10-14 05:57:35


I'll make music ^.^


2012-10-15 12:30:35

so if the timing was perfectly timed.. what is the problem?
or you limited?

Chongo responds:

Well, the problem is that Game Jam is a 48 hour event, which ended yesterday :p