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Total Recall Amateur Review!

Posted by Chongo - August 4th, 2012

I figured I'd try making a movie review for kicks and giggles. Just giving it a shot, and if I (and you all) like it, I'll make more.

So last night, I saw Total Recall. I hadn't seen the original, but I figured I didn't have to, since was a remake, and not a sequel. I was dragged in by the tagline of the movie "What is Real and what is Recall?" I didnt know what it meant, but Iwas pumped for a mindscrew movie! And I'll try to make it spoiler free, so for those of you who want to see it.

Well, I'll start with the bad, and the beginning. Overall, I liked it, I just liking getting the issues out of the way. So it kicks off with a picture of a ruined earth and some text. Then it cuts to a dream. And this is where my first of few issues comes up. It's very abrupt, having it's last blurb of text be kinda average. Afterwards, I spent most of the movie seeing if it had any major importance. It was sort of important, but it wasn't anything major. My second issue is the dream sequence. Don't watch the first five minutes if you're epilleptic. Seriously. Don't. It also shows us some futuristic weaponry, which are also somewhat downplayed. They're still using modern guns, when they have frikken magnetic cars! They also have the, as I call it, "Meh CGI gun". But enough nitpicks. A more major issue is that there are only a few real characters, and one of the most prominent characters isn't really fleshed out enough. Her name fails me now, but she's the action resistance girl. She act as the sidekick of the movie, but we don't really get to know her. She's just there to kick ass and be a love interest. The real major issue I have with the movie is that I felt like it had a great idea that they didn't really utilize enough. For those who don't know, this movie is about a guy who goes into a system where he is fed memories of lives he never lived. Upon beginning, he is given the memories he asked for, but in such a way that makes you wonder if it's real or just the system. To be honest, I was waiting through the whole movie for him to wake up. *SPOILER: It never happened*

Let's jump off that monster of a paragraph now. Onto the good. While I dont think they played out the Recall idea as much as they could have, it still didnt disappoint. The action scenes were well planned and definitely entertaining to watch, taking elevator fights to a whole new level. The story was full of twists and turns that weren't exactly revolving around the Recall idea. Maybe I was just focusing on it too much. Anyway, back to good. The plot was gripping. The cast, given the exception of Miss Revolution Action Love Interest, was acted out well, and the setting deserves special mention. The city of GFB or some shizz looked like a realistically futuristic city. The Colony was a future slum and looked like future slum. And they even show off the destroyed Earth, which I thought was jaw-dropping.

Overall 7/10
Recommend it. Not exactly a movie to add to my favorites, but I'm glad I saw it, and I feel like it would be enjoyed by others too.

Hope you liked.

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Haha, I JUST got back from seeing Total Recall!

I hope you agree with my review to an extent, then.